Bridging the gap between fashion and sports performance apparel

The roles women have played in society have changed a lot through the years. These days many women to are working full time jobs, raising children and are somehow finding the time to escape for a game of golf. The housewives of yesterday have been replaced by the “do it all woman” of today.

Back in the early days of the “do it all” woman, women went to great lengths, including putting fashion aside, to keep up in the predominately male business and sports world. It was not an uncommon sight to spot a woman charging down the sidewalk in a power suit paired with sneakers, the painful heels she had been sporting all day stowed in her briefcase. And, if said power woman were to be rushing to make a tee time, another change of wardrobe would have to be made, and let’s say this same woman were to have dinner with friends following her game, yet another change of wardrobe.

Thanks to those women paving the way, those once male dominated arenas now have an increasingly large female presence, and these “do it all” ladies need a fashionable “do it all” wardrobe that can keep up with their busy lifestyles. With a majority of companies calling for a more business casual dress code, clothing lines are offering styles that are deemed appropriate for a number of settings. Today, that same woman can easily transition from the office to a number of activities without having to change a single piece of clothing.

Modern day designers are recognizing the need for pieces that women can get more mileage out of, and are meeting this demand with options that are versatile, functional and fashionable. Many labels are utilizing more performance friendly fabrics that incorporate stretch and the ability to breathe some even offering UVF protection. Performance fabrics have come a long way since the stiff polyesters of yesterday; introducing spandex blends and fabrics such as moisture wicking bamboo and jersey cotton that offer a softer look and feel making it difficult decipher between a performance and non-performance garment. Even high end footwear designers are going to great lengths to add comfort to their chic heels; Cole Haan for example, has paired with Nike offering the comfort of air soles under the guise of fashionable heel, omitting the need for that change of shoes to walk to and from work.

Fashion is finding a place in the sports world like never before. At the Fifth Annual Caribbean Classic Golf Invitational (CCGI) Celebrity Tournament and Charity event in Jamaica this past June, leading designers showcased upcoming collections, and marked the first time that a fashion runway has been specially designed and incorporated during a sporting event.

Many women’s golf and tennis lines are on board aiming for a fashionable yet functional look on and off the green and court while meeting the demands of the modern woman. Fetch, a newcomer to women’s sport fashion boasts a line that closes the gap between fashion and sport; including trendy tunics and tennis dresses with a flirty flair. The game of golf has seen a large rise in the number of women golfers in the past decade. With the recent influx of women of all ages making headlines in the golf world, the sport is no longer considered just an older woman’s pastime. This fact is making it possible for specialty women’s golf lines to take a more fashion forward approach to their designs, turning the fairways into runways. High end designer DKNY has crossed over into women’s golf with the leader in women’s golf fashion Jamie Sadock guiding their team of designers to produce an exciting, colourful, and fashionable line. With the price of clothing seemingly always on the rise an added advantage to this trend is the versatility of these garments, making it possible to wear your golf apparel on days that you don’t even play. Companies like Trigelle and Lela are active wear golf lines that have successfully merged function with fashion for a look that easily carries over into everyday wear. Lela’s collection, including a spring collection of bright, ruffled tank tops and Trigelle’s bold colors and preppy styles don’t look like your typical golfer wear. Golf shoes have come a long way as well, with a variety of options including golf sandals, golf boots, and even golf shoes that resemble tennis shoes with rubber soles so you don’t have to bring a change of shoes to the course. Golfstream offers a large selection of attractive golf sandals and slip-ons that don’t look like a golf shoe at all.

With all of these versatile clothing options making their way into our closets, you have to wonder what the future holds for women’s fashion. Are all of our wardrobe needs going to be met one day with a single uniform garment like straight out of a scene from Star Trek? Anything’s possible …

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