1. Learn how to stand on the deck properly

First of all, you place your penny board cheap on the flat ground and learn how to stand the foot on the board and learn how to maintain the balance without falling down. You put your feet on the board and your feet are almost parallel with the trucks of the wheels.

The right position of the feet is you put the left foot forward and right foot downward. It means that you will use the right foot to push the board move forward.

The opposite position is you put the right foot forward and left foot downward. It means that you will use the left foot to push the board move forward.

You move the board forward and downward several times to check how the scroll wheels move on and whether axles will be unfixed or not. Let’s become familiar with the board and feel more comfortable.

  1. Try to move the board forward and downward gently and put 2 legs on the board

You turn the front foot straight with a board instead of parallel at the beginning. Then you use other leg to push the board move on gently. At the first, you should go slowly. Believe me, you will not want to face an accident because you go too fast when you are not ready yet.

Once you’ve got the momentum moving, let’s try to put your other foot at the end of the board, front of a curved tail and above a truck. Keep your balance and slipping on. Remember to keep your knee down a little bit as it will help you to maintain the balance better.

  1. Continue to push the skateboard when you are slow down

You continue to push the skateboard and create a slight push whenever you found yourself slow down. Let’s try to increase the speed but just a little bit. Just like riding a bicycle, some people feel easier to balance if they move a little bit faster.

If you feel shake when moving, you can tighten the wheel trucks. It will make a skateboard more difficult to change the direction but you can easily practice until you control the board.

  1. Rotate the ankles and replace the midpoint to change the direction

When you already know how to control the board and move forward, let’s try to change the direction by moving midpoint of your body a little bit. When skating, always keep the knee flexible and maintain the midpoint of body low to remain the balance. Then, you lean forward a little bit to turn right and rotate the ankle to turn left.

  1. Put the food in the ground to stop

In order to stop, you just need to put your back foot on the ground when you are moving slower and reducing the speed of the board. However, you should not put the foot on the ground when you are moving in high speed.

  1. Let’s try to switch the legs when skateboarding

When you feel familiar with skateboarding, you should try to change the legs. If you want to become a professional skater, you must learn how to skate by both legs because later on you need to switch legs to do the technical movements.

  1. Learn how to fall properly

All of the skaters regularly fall at the beginning. It is a part of skateboarding. Wearing protective gears during skateboarding is very important step and you should learn how to fall the right way. In order to avoid some serious injuries such as scrapes and bruises, you should learn some tips to keep yourself safe.


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