Things to do in Ho Chi Minh City (Sai Gon City)

The Ho Chi Minh City or also known as Saigon, is the largest and busiest city in Vietnam and you can find this city in the southeastern part of the country. The climate in this city is tropical and if you wish to come and visit the famous attractions, then it will be best to book a flight from December to April because those are the months of their dry season. Those who are already planning for a trip to the Ho Chi Minh City may look for a trusted travel agency to avoid disappointments and to meet a satisfying tour.

Saigon city

As a tourist, you should know what to do when you come to the Ho Chi Minh City. There are lots of cheap and good hotels to choose from around the city proper, so moving around the day or even at night is not a problem. Restaurants are around the corner, so anytime you want to eat, simply go out and get to the nearest restaurant that you can find. All foods are available anyway, from foreign to local foods. So, you have all the options.

Cu Chi Tunnels

Cu Chi Tunnels

You may visit the historical sites in the city, such as, the Cu Chi Tunnels, for visitors to experience how Vietnam War is like when moving along the network of tunnels; Reunification Palace or known as the Independence Palace, you will find various old stuff from the Vietnam Wars, such as, photographs, film and vintage equipment or devices; the War Remnants Museum, which has an exhibit of various US military transportation used during the Wars; City Hall or also known as the Hotel de Ville has the popular spot for taking photos in front of the building and that is the statue of Uncle Ho; Museum of the Vietnamese History has a collection of various Vietnamese relics and in this compound you can find the Botanical Garden and a traditional Water Puppet Show; and Ho Chi Minh Museum, where you can find a bookshop and the story about the father of Vietnam in modern times.

For the religious sites, you may visit the Central Mosque, which was built in 1935 for worshipping; Notre Dame Cathedral, which is a Catholic Cathedra,l built in French architecture; Thien Hau Pagoda, which was built in their honor for the sea goddess; Quan Am Pagoda, which is the oldest pagoda in the city; Phung Son Tu Pagoda, which was built to honor the god of happiness and virtue; Cao Dai Temple, a place of worship for the Cao Dao faith; Jade Emperor Pagoda, which was built by the Chinese in 1909; and Mariamman Hindu Temple, a good example of Hindu architecture and a place of worship.

Cao Dai Temple

The Ho Chi Minh City is rich in architectural attractions, The next of things to do in Ho Chi Minh City is Bitexco Financial Tower that is in the heart of the city and from this spot, you can have a good view of the entire city; at the Sky Deck of the Bitexco Tower, is a good place for dining and relaxing; and Central Office, which is a perfect example of French architecture.

Bitexco Financial

For shopping, you can find various local products and souvenir items at the Binh Tay Market, which was built in 1880s along the Chinatown District.

Those are the things that a tourist may do when staying in the Ho Chi Minh City for a holiday. Everything is visiting different tourist attractions and in doing such activities, you will learn more about Vietnam and you can say that Vietnam is such an amazing country that is rich in architecture and history. When you come to Vietnam, you will discover more and you will like it there.

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