Floyd Lee Locums is a free self-service job site that offers advanced practice recruitment locum tenens agency and full-service physician in medical specialties with high demand. Our employees work on many specialty groups and only focus on one specialty so that they would learn all necessary information and skills in every area.
Our primary mission is to develop and improve healthcare system by offering patients with easy access to high-quality medical care via innovative staffing solution. We always work with high commitment to make sure that our patients are treated with the most suitable medical care that they need.

1. A hassle-free job

When you perform locum tenens tasks, there will be no teaching or administrative responsibilities, billing or coding hassles, and problems with staff management. Also, you would have a more accurate work schedule. This is a suitable change from when you work in private sector, or as a hired physician with a setting of outpatient. Suddenly, you would make your own schedule, determine when and where you could work, and feel flexible to leave any assigned hospitals.

2. Free and flexible to travel

Perhaps the most common benefit of locum tenens is the freedom to travel around the country and also provides healthcare physicians with truly incredible opportunity to help out local communities in various regions. In fact, this side of locum tenens healthcare has conventionally attracted more to new practitioners figuring out their career path and older workers looking for different challenges in their job when they are about to retire. In recent years, however, more physicians in their mid-career are also finding the opportunity to see different communities of the country.

Source: onlinetraveldoctor.com

3. Plan before retirement

Those physicians who are already retired or about to retire from a full-time job often want to remain in the clinical tasks without overwhelming work hours and responsibilities. In these situations, locum tenens is definitely a good choice

4. A sampler for physician career

For people just at the beginning of their careers, locum tenens jobs are basically a perfect way to start a career in this area. During this process, you would experience a rural, urban, solo, multispecialty group, or small group before beginning your career. In addition, it offers you the chances to access risk-free lifestyles that are associated with different geographic regions before making the final decision on your working location.

Source: crosscountrytravcorps.com

5. Manage debt in medical school

Another advantage of locum tenens job for a new physician is the possibility it gives to help you manage your debt in medical school. If one of your priorities is to pay down the student loan, this job provides two common ways for you to achieve that goal.
Firstly, those physicians who have made a plan in advance could experience locum tenens job and immediately start practicing. When you are trying to determine which opportunities to choose, make sure to tell your recruiter whether earning the best possible income is much more necessary than location. In fact, pay rates are not different a lot between various agencies, but it could be considerably higher in remoter regions where the demand for physicians is more.
In addition, a doctor who goes directly into a full-time job after leaving medical school might still get the financial benefit with extra locum tenens task, and find the right opportunity in their regional or local areas. Thus, it allows you to cover for a few weekends each month.
Bear in your mind that when you go for a locum tenens job, malpractice premiums, travel, and housing are totally covered. Also, the low overhead would mean more amount of money to pay for your student loan.

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